Bots & You: Using Them to Grow Your Business

Bots are a common denominator in modern marketing, because they make the process much easier. Whenever you can automate the marketing process, you’re going to realize that there is a lot more money to be made - which is why the largest companies around have taken it upon themselves to implement new software. Bots can do an abundance of different things, all the way from managing your social media profiles to automatically gathering data. Regardless of what you use a bot for, just know that it’s going to be an experience that you grow very fond of.

These days, online companies and businesses are booming. You don’t even need to meet anybody face-to-face and you can still turn a profit, which is fantastic (and the way things should be). When we have such a large amount of technology at our fingertips, does it not make sense to make use of it whenever possible? I’m going to talk about the different types of bots you could consider making use of, as well as why they’re going to benefit you in the long run. If you’re a mobile marketer, you’re more than likely already quite familiar with bots.

Bots and Social Media
Instagram is the perfect platform to look at when it comes to the usage of bots, as there are plenty of accounts using bots on there right now. You may have an account yourself and have noticed that a few specific accounts keep liking your pictures and posting the same comments under them - that’s a bot hard at work. They seek out related pictures and posts, engage with them and then rinse/repeat the process. By engaging with as many posts as possible, you’ll be putting your name out there in the public eye.

Bots save you time and money by allowing you to automate this process, which is going to help your brand gain some exposure as well. The entire idea behind marketing is to keep your company in the eye of as many people as possible, and using bots with social media is one way to do it. You can grow your online following, all while marketing your retail products at the exact same time! Bots allows you to:

Target - You can conveniently target specific groups of people, or even just an individual. If someone is very popular on Twitter or Instagram, focusing on their account and trying to interact with other social profiles could be ideal. The more social interaction, the better!

Save - Save both time and money by using a convenient bot! You can focus on other endeavours of your marketing process, or even just try and look at other marketing opportunities in general. Bots will handle what used to be conducted by an actual person, saving you wages and time wasted; it doesn’t get any better than that.

How Do I Find the Right Bot?
That’s a question that should never be asked lightly, as it’s going to call for an abundance of research and thinking. Bots are pretty much endless in terms of variety, so whenever you need something done there, odds are there will be a bot out there that can do it. Even if there isn’t one currently developed, you could go as far as paying somebody to develop the bot for you - in the end, it’s just lines of code that someone had to put together at some point. The right bot is one that not only saves you copious amounts of money and time, but one that works on a day-to-day basis. If it’s hard to use or the code is broken (as in, you’ve paid someone to develop a bot and it doesn’t work properly), contact the developer and hash it out with them. You’re a businessman, not a baby - don’t just crucify them! Be a professional and work the situation out like adults.

Using a bot to grow your business is very common in today’s marketing process, and it’s something you should really consider (that is, if you haven’t already). The benefits that these nifty little things have to offer are simply immense, and only a fool would refuse to test it out; if only for a little bit. If you want to make more money and expand your business reach, bots can help you do that. It may not seem like it right away, especially to people who don’t really comprehend what bots are, but it’s the truth!

Technology has come to a point where it’s allowing us to better ourselves not only as humans, but as businesses and organizations as well. If you want to put your best foot forward, it’s a good idea to look into marketing with bots - besides, who doesn’t actually like feeling modern?