Instagram Ads vs. Instagram Bot - What to choose?

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Instagram Ads vs. Instagram Bot - What to choose?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past five years it is likely that you are aware of the meteoric rise of Instagram in the world of social media. Since its billion dollar acquisition by Facebook in early 2012, the photo sharing network has amassed over 300 million active users who share over 70 million images daily. That is an utterly massive number of people who view the world through retro filtered lenses.

Businesses owners who can effectively harness the power of Instagram are sure to have a distinct advantage over their competitors. Never before has the marketing world witnessed such a unique opportunity to grow your online presence and build a unique interactive relationship with your followers.

There are a number of options and strategies that business owners can use to market their proposition. However, getting your brand, services, products or blog to be noticed by people who care is often times much harder than it looks.

When starting out many people rely on free methods of promotion such as using appropriate hashtags, posting at appropriate times and posting quality content that is relevant to your target audience. While free methods can be effective, such tactics usually take a phenomenal amount of time and effort before any real results are seen.

Depending on your account and niche it could be a number of years before you amassed any serious following and built a useful online presence. In an age of high speed connectivity, time is literally of the essence and so more and more users are opting to grow their following through the use of paid methods.

Two of the most popular methods by which people grow their Instagram following are paid advertisements on Instagram and using an Instagram bot to follow and unfollow a specific targeted audience or audiences.

Instagram Ads
Instagram ads come in three main forms; static photo ads, video ads or carousel type ads. Many businesses have had had some success using paid Instagram ads however the ads are not always the best choice for everybody.

Arguably the most crucial factor that is correlated with advertising success on Instagram is budget. It is far easier for business with a very large advertising budget to see a positive return on investment than smaller or medium sized enterprises. This is due to the fact that Instagram borrows its advertising algorithms from its well-known big brother Facebook.

When you pay for an advertisement on Instagram you essentially are entering into an auction. Depending on what you goal is (impressions, clicks, downloads etc.) the algorithm selects the best ads to run based on your maximum bid and your ads performance.

To illustrate, imagine you are the owner of a watch company who wants to get more followers on Instagram and you have $300 to spend each month on the platform. When you target an audience of people who might be interested in buying one of your timepieces, you could be competing against companies like of MVMT and Daniel Wellington who are likely dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the platform each month.

Additionally, getting the audience targeting right can be far trickier than the majority of people realise. Many of the successful advertising campaigns on the platform are conducted by full time digital marketing professionals. These individuals have gained a wealth of experience over many years of trial and error. Of course, you could consider hiring a digital marketing consultant to guide you through the process but these services often come at a high cost.

While it is possible to have some success with Instagram ads, their highly competitive nature makes them less than ideal for smaller businesses. Being very knowledgeable about targeting and a have large budget are often required to reap a positive return on your investment.

So if Instagram advertising is not the Holy Grail of growth that some say they are then what is?

Instagram Bot (Like/Follow/Unfollow Service)
In the past, Instagram bots received quite a bit of negative attention. This is due to the fact that a whole industry of fraud and deception was created that promised to give users thousands of followers overnight. These followers were nothing but spam; fake accounts that offer no real engagement to the user’s account.

However, not all Instagram bots were created equal. Follow & unfollow services like the one offered here at Instamacro, don’t make any outlandish promises; we don’t tell you that you will amass the following of your dreams in a couple of days. Instead our service guarantees to organically grow your reach by attracting real people who are interested in your content. We offer safe, effective and genuine growth that we are truly proud of, and that you can be too. No gimmicks, no fake promises.

Like, Follow & Unfollow services are excellent at improving the social proof of your account. Humans are inherently social creatures. By connecting with people who are truly engaged and interested in your content, not only can you grow your potential customer base but you can also add great deal of social proof to your business. Humans tend to trust things that other people trust even if they have no idea who they are!

Services like us are often a much more affordable option for Instagram growth when compared with the use of Ads. As discussed previously, advertising campaigns can end up costing thousands of dollars with no guarantee of a return. For small and medium enterprises it is often hard to compete with the larger budgets of big business. This is where Like, Follow & Unfollow services are often the optimal solution. In addition to gaining a large following of engaged users, follow and unfollow services also provide what is essentially free advertising. As your audience grows and you build a relationship with your followers, your ability to convert potential buyers into customers through the use of offers and discounts is unmatched.

Instamacro solves the dilemma that plagues so many small and medium enterprise business owners and entrepreneurs; how to get build a large and genuine Instagram presence without spending a massive fee on advertising and without purchasing a massive number of fake bot accounts. While Instagram ads can be effective under certain circumstances, for the majority of the time, a like, follow & unfollow service like ours is the superior choice. We are here to build your following organically, using the latest and most effective methods available.

While other sites make a profit by capitalizing on people’s inexperience and lack of knowledge, Instamacro is here to guide you through the process of planning your long term, genuine and valuable growth. In fact we are so proud of our service that we are offering a five hour free trial so you can witness the benefits for yourself with no strings attached. Don’t pour your money into poorly performing advertisements or into buying fake followers -let us put your money to use so that you can get a real return on your investment.