How to Avoid Spam Accounts on Instagram

Seeing your Instagram followers rise in numbers due to your continuous effort is an incredibly rewarding prospect. It reinforces that your marketing strategy is sound, and even better, that people genuinely want to follow you. However, when closely inspecting some of these followers, it's likely that you will find profiles that would be deemed as spam. These accounts are completely fake profiles that will continuously request that you like their photos or will try and post clickbait comments on your own photos. Not only is this a great annoyance to you, but it degrades your whole profile's look and professionalism.

Instagram periodically does a network-wide purge, which eliminates a significant portion of these spam accounts. These purges are done fairly infrequently, but you don't want to wait for them to clean up, so it's advisable that you proactively try and reduce the amount of spam accounts that interact with you.The general trend seems to be that the more followers an account has, the higher proportion of those will be spam accounts. Many celebrities and large organization Instagram accounts lost millions of followers in 2014 when the network did its first major cleanse.

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