Top 10 Apps to Enhance Your Photos & Videos On Instagram

Instagram is always going to be a very popular social media platform (at least, per the foreseeable future!). It allows us to not only with friends from both the past and present, but it allows us to share our sentiments in regards to specific topics, ideas and events. It’s an application that has all sorts of nifty features, and they’re still bringing in new stuff - not too long ago, they introduced “Instagram Live” (which was a sort of live-streaming service).

Whatever you plan on doing with Instagram, I would suggest you do it with a few apps to help enhance your posts. Instagram can be somewhat limited in regards to the filters available, and some people have favorites (while others hate them completely). I’m here today to talk about 10 different apps I’ve grown quite fond of, as they have helped me create some of my most popular Instagram posts. If you love Instagram, you’re going to love these applications - trust me on that one!

The Applications
When it comes to mobile pictures, some people would claim that they are professionals. Snapseed is an app that helps deal with redeye reduction, as well as allows you to tilt and shift your pictures (or even introduced textured filters!). In terms of tools available in this application, it’s probably the most versatile Instagram photo/video editor you’ll ever come across. When you need to make specific portions of a picture pop out, this is the application to do it with.

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