Tips for Humanizing Your Content

Think about how massive a lot of businesses are today. Some big brands have millions of employees at locations around the world. It's difficult to know who's in charge, especially when it comes to social media. Putting the owner’s face to the brand name is virtually impossible.

For small businesses, this isn't as much of a problem, and even if it is, it’s easy to fix. However, many businesses, both big and small, make the mistake of not posting relatable content that shows the human side of the business.

You may think this seems counterintuitive. After all, you use your professional social media accounts to market your brand and products, not to post selfies and talk to people.

But posting selfies and similar content on your business account is actually a good thing -- sometimes.

The key is finding a good balance. You want to let your followers and customers know that you're a human being just like them while also maintaining a professional image.

Luckily, our guide will tell you how to do just that.

Why You Should Humanize Your Content

Connect with your followers on a deeper level.
Your customers and followers are more likely to engage with your business if they feel they can relate to you as a person. It’s one thing to connect with your customers’ wants and needs on a commercial level. But connecting with them on a personal level is important for maximum engagement and customer reputation.

Show that your business is down-to-earth.
We trust big brands enough to buy their products. Consider Apple and Microsoft. They’re household names in technology, and we know their products will be high-quality.

But think about what we know about their founders, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Both men were actively involved in every aspect of their businesses. We know that both men worked hard and overcame incredible obstacles to establish themselves as industry experts.

While they aren’t exactly posting selfies on Instagram, both Apple and Microsoft humanized their businesses by telling the stories of the men who founded them.

The same principle applies to any business. Tell your story. Prove that there’s a real person behind the logo. It’ll pay off in ways you never could have imagined.

Ideas for Relatable, Humanized Posts

Want to post more human content, but don’t know how to go about it? Not to worry – we’ve rounded up some of the best post ideas for showing off the human side of your business.

Post facts about you and your company.
You want your customers and followers to get to know you and your company better. That’s the whole point of humanizing your content. You might want to tell your followers how many people you employ, where your employees are from, how you make your products, or any fact that gives your customers more information about who you are and what you do.

Tell the story of how you founded your company.
We all love a good origin story. Your customers will appreciate the work you did and the challenges you faced and overcame to start your business. They’ll be more likely to buy your products if they know how hard you worked to make your dreams a reality. You never know – your own story may inspire them to follow their own dreams.

Go behind the scenes.
Show off your work space. Giving your customers an insight into how you work will increase your trustworthiness. Consider posting a photo of your office space, or take your followers on a video tour of your business.

Welcome new employees.
Have you just hired someone new? Show them off on your social pages! Let your followers and customers know how your new hire will benefit your company and your customers. It will also make your new employee feel appreciated and welcomed.

Show appreciation for your loyal employees.
Got someone who’s worked with your company a long time? Show them you appreciate them by praising their hard work on social media! Tell your customers a little bit about who they are and what they do. Let your employee tell your customers, in their own words, why they’ve decided to stick with your business. That’ll increase employee morale and customer reputation at the same time – sounds like a win-win to us.

Show appreciation for your customers.
Let’s say you own a restaurant. Chances are you’ve got some loyal, regular customers who frequent your business several times a week. Ask them why they like your business so much, and what it is about your establishment that’s different from your competitors.

You can turn that testimonial into a humanized post that attracts new customers. Just remember to ask the customer if they’d be okay with you using their quote on your social media pages. You may want to post a photo of the customer as well. Remember to always ask permission before uploading a customer’s photo, and be sure to thank them for their kind words.

Tell a joke.
Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Chances are your customers will, too. Brighten their day with an appropriate joke or funny story that relates back to your business.

Post a selfie.
But don’t post a selfie just for the sake of it! There needs to be a purpose behind it. Use your selfie to introduce yourself. Tell your customers and followers a little bit about who you are and what you like to do in your spare time. Your selfie should be appropriate, and a little professional, but don’t be afraid to show the real you.

The benefits of humanizing your content are endless. It’ll increase your customer and employee reputation, make your business seem more trustworthy, establish a deeper connection with your customers, and show your appreciation for the people who work for you. Humanized content will also give you more ideas on what to post whenever you run out of ideas.

Your customers should associate your business with yourself and your employees, not just your logo. Don’t make the mistake of posting inauthentic, robotic content – it could cost you in the long run.