What's New with Instamacro?

Instamacro has recently been improved to help you reach your goals much easier in less time. With the new Instamacro design you can easy navigate the website and find what you need in just clicks away. Take a look at the some of the new updates and features made to the website.

Help Center

Get the answers to your questions the moment you need to know, no more time waiting! Help Center is the place where you will find a solution to the issues you are encountering. We included different topics to the Help Center, all of which you can find under 3 main Categories, Basics, Activity, and Tips & Tricks.

What is Instamacro? What are the Benefits of using this automation tool? If you are eager to get your brand in front of a large number of Instagram users, this page will serve as an initial guide. Find out how to get started with Instamacro and how to manage your Instagram account effectively. Explore the frequently asked questions and keep your account safe by following our Safety Tips. Visit the Basics as often as you wish to learn or remind yourself about the general functions of Instamacro.

We understand life gets busy and your focus tends to shift to the most important things to resolve. That is why Instamacro is the most powerful automation tool for your Instagram account. You have all the power to tell Instamacro exactly what actions to take on your behalf and that's why it works so well - it behaves just like you would on Instagram. Instamacro is not a way to buy followers. Instead, it's a natural way of engaging with relevant people on Instagram by liking their photos and following them. You have all the flexibility to turn Instamacro actions on or off, based on your needs.

The Activity page will serve as a guide to help you get familiar with the settings you find on the main dashboard. Make sure to read through and follow our recommendations to kick-start your Instagram account on the right track.

Tips & Tricks
Every day new Instagram users try our Instagram tool and get good results, but the ones that take extra time to optimize their account in Instamacro have excelled in their results. More followers and likes in less time. Get the most out of Instamacro by learning and applying our recommended Tips & Tricks. When it comes to creating a plan to reach your ideal audience on Instagram it is important to Test! Test! Test! Your settings on Instamacro. Monitor your account regularly and see if you find popular trends happening industry such as hashtags or locations.

Pricing & Discount

Know the percentage of discount you get before buying a time package. The more days you purchase the license the larger the discount you will get. Calculate the cost for 100 plus days and receive 65% off the total cost. Our generosity doesn't stop there, receive discounts from 20%-50% for adding multiple Instagram accounts to your Instamacro dashboard. We are confident to say Instamacro is the best Instagram automation tool out there that we let you explore our service with a Free 5 hour Trial, so hop on board and experience the power of Instamacro.