What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Post

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Post

Ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, wondering what to post? We’ve all been there. Coming up with fresh, new ideas can be difficult.

If you’re struggling for post ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will this guide provide you with some new post ideas, but it’ll also give you some ideas on what to do between posts.

How to Avoid the Posting Slump

Both business and personal Instagrammers struggle with coming up with new post ideas. But posting is only half the battle – innovation is key on Instagram. That means your content and your strategies should consistently improve, and you should always strive to learn more about how you can optimize your content.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to hone your social media skills between posts.
  1. Schedule some posts ahead of time. You can use a post scheduler like Hootsuite or Everypost to schedule posts for the future. You should always have a couple scheduled, just in case.
  2. Create a running list of post ideas. Every Instagrammer should have a list of post ideas tucked away for a rainy day. Save it in an easily accessible place, like a cloud storage service, so you can find it again when you need it or when you think of new ideas.
  3. Find some new people to follow. Search for other professionals in your niche, or people who have similar interests to you, and follow them! You never know – their posts might inspire you and give you some new ideas. Plus, you might make a few new friends or develop key professional relationships. It’s a win-win situation.
  4. Learn some tricks of the photography trade. If you find yourself struggling to come up with new post ideas, you might want to consider enhancing your photography skills for future content. There are thousands of free photography resources available online – this post summarizes just a few of them.
  5. Learn about graphic design. You don’t have to take a graphic design course or enroll in art school to do this. Learning some basic graphic design principles can beautify your content, and it only takes a few minutes. Not sure where to start? Check out these basic tenets of graphic design that you should be following.
  6. Make a content strategy and vision. These are imperative for professional accounts, but they can benefit personal accounts as well. What do you want your content to say about you as a brand or as a person? What makes your account unique? From there, you can build a posting strategy, and you might come up with some new ideas in the process.

Ideas for What to Post

You’ve got some posts scheduled and you’ve made a content strategy – but you’re still fresh out of post ideas. Never fear! We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few ideas you can add to your running list.
  1. Let your teammates “take over” your account. If you’re a business owner, consider letting one of your employees “take over” your Instagram for the day or week. They might have some posting ideas you haven’t thought of, and it’ll give your followers a chance to connect with the brilliant people who work for you.
  2. Ask your followers what they’d like to see you post. This will give you some new ideas. An added bonus is that asking for your followers’ input will make them feel valued, and will increase their engagement with your brand.
  3. Repost relevant content from your followers. If your followers have tagged your business in a post, or if they’ve used a custom hashtag, feel free to repost that content on your own account. Reposting user-generated content works wonders for increasing engagement. Remember, never repost content from private accounts without asking for permission first.
  4. Recycle old content. This should be done sparingly and wisely. Choose some of your best content and repost it. Consider doing this on Thursdays, and adding a #tbt hashtag so it reaches more people. Don’t overdo it, though – no one wants to follow an account that never posts new content.
  5. Host a contest. Instagram contests are one of the best ways to increase engagement. Hosting a contest will increase your follower count and give your existing followers an incentive to engage with you. Consider hosting a contest that involves your followers posting content. For example, you might create a custom hashtag, which your followers will need to use to enter the contest. That way, you can promote new user-generated content.
  6. Post an “ICYMI”. You probably already know this, but “ICYMI” stands for “in case you missed it”. Have you posted something important, perhaps information about an upcoming event or sale? Repost it for those who might not have seen it.
  7. Share a recipe. Almost everyone knows a recipe for a delicious dish. Got one of your own? Post a photo of the finished product and share the recipe in the caption. Encourage your followers to try it out and post their own photos! This is yet another way of promoting user-generated content that you can repost later.
  8. Host an “AMA”. Schedule an “AMA” (ask me anything) hour where your followers can ask you questions about yourself and your business. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers so they can get to know you better. Set a specific date and time, and schedule a few posts to promote it.
  9. Go behind the scenes. Post photos or videos of your workspace or your employees hard at work. It adds a personal touch, and gives your followers a better idea of how you run your business. If you run a personal account, consider posting something that’s important to you, whether it’s your favorite area of your home or your favorite place.
Even famous Instagrammers sometimes fall victim to poster’s block. Thankfully, there are some creative ways to repost old content and generate new content without much effort. We’ve listed just a few of them here.

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