Why Follower Count Matters on Instagram

Social media users are obsessed with numbers. They track their likes, friends, followers, reposts, post engagements. You name it, they’re keeping an eye on it – as well they should. Those things are important for building a successful social media profile.

This is especially true for Instagram followers. Both professional and personal accounts can benefit from a high follower count on Instagram. But there are a few tricks to building a solid following on Instagram. Lucky for you, we’ve got them all right here.

The Best Things in Life Are Free – Including Instagram Followers

Never, ever buy followers. Buying followers may seem like a quick and easy way to inflate your follower count, but it can hurt you in the long run. Sure, it can make your follower count look impressive, but you’re not really paying for followers, you’re paying for robots. Those kinds of followers won’t engage with you or purchase your product or service, so there’s no point in having them.

Don’t waste your precious time or money trying to gain more followers that way. Of course the number of followers you have on Instagram matters – but what matters more is the kind of followers you have.

Not All Instagram Followers Are Created Equal

Everyone wants to have a lot of Instagram followers. More followers equals more exposure. Seems simple enough, right? Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Chances are if you’ve been on Instagram for awhile, a few spam accounts have followed you. You know the ones – no profile photo, bogus links in their bio, and only one post in the past year.

You know you won’t get real engagement from spam accounts, so you should aim to attract real followers. That is, real people who post real photos and provide real engagement on your posts.

Even though there are some tricks to avoiding them, there’s a chance spam accounts will still follow you. That’s just how spam accounts operate. The trick is not to cater to spam accounts, especially the ones that promise they can get you thousands of followers in 24 hours.

Gaining More Instagram Followers on Professional Accounts

The reason Instagram for Business accounts need a lot of followers is pretty straightforward. They’re trying to sell their product or service. The more followers they have, the more exposure their brand gets.

But there are benefits of having a lot of followers that aren’t so obvious. Here are just a few of them:
  • More followers make Instagram more fun. It’s true! If you’re only posting to a handful of followers, Instagram can be a bit boring. But the more followers you have, the more comments and likes you’ll get, which means you’ll interact with more people. After all, the whole point of social media is to be social.
  • Your business appears more trustworthy. If your business account only has 100 followers, people might not take you seriously. Low follower counts suggest that you haven’t put in the work needed to build your customer base. No one likes a lazy brand on Instagram.
  • More followers equal more money. The higher your follower count, the higher your customer count. At least, in theory. Part of a brand’s success comes from how well they market their product or service, not just how many people they market to. Having a larger group of potential customers in addition to a solid marketing plan is the key to making the most of your business account.
  • Affiliate sales. If you have a lot of Instagram followers, you can make money without even trying. Find a website or another Instagram account which offers an affiliate program in your industry. Once you have your own link, you’ll receive a commission off every sale you make. If you have a high follower count, this means more people will see, and hopefully click, the affiliate link. More followers, more customers, more commission.

Gaining More Followers on Personal Accounts

Why do you need a lot of followers on your personal account? Well, that depends on why you use it. But a high follower count can benefit anyone, especially personal accounts. Here’s how:
  • Build lasting friendships with people across the globe. These days, we take social media and the internet for granted. Social media, Instagram in particular, allows us to connect with people all across the world. Even if you’re not looking to sell anything or make money from your profile, you can still use Instagram to connect with real people who have similar interests to yours.
  • Promote your hobbies. Exposure is valuable even for unpaid ventures. For example, let’s say you paint landscapes as a hobby. Even if you don’t sell your paintings on Instagram, you can still build a base of people who enjoy your paintings. Having a large group of people who are genuinely interested in what you do is more valuable than money.
  • Make your profile more interesting. There are thousands of personal accounts out there. Most of them have only a few hundred followers, which consist mostly of family, friends, and acquaintances. If your personal account has a high following, though, people who stumble across your account will automatically think you’re interesting. They’re more likely to follow you too, because they want to know what it is about you that people like.

Tools for Increasing Your Instagram Followers

Now that you know why you should increase your follower count, you need to know how. We’ve got you covered in that department, too.
  • A social media plan. You have to know what and when to post. Make a schedule for your posts, and use a post automation tool to schedule them so you don’t have to post them manually.
  • An automatic follower service. No, not a follower service that automatically follows spam accounts. You need a service which engages with real people, like Instamacro. Instamacro boosts your follower count while protecting you from worthless follows from spam accounts. Plus you choose when and how it runs, giving you more control over your Instagram account in less time.
  • Quality, unique content. You can use a follower service and a social media plan all you like, but it won’t matter if your content is subpar. The photos you post should be unique, high-quality, and engaging. And yes, there is a secret formula to creating content which attracts organic engagement.
Whether you have a professional or personal account, the number of followers you have matters. Instagram followers, likes, and comments are key for marketing your product or service, or just for making new friends who have the same interests as you. Keep a close eye on your follower count if you want to make the most of your Instagram experience.