Why You Should Use An Instagram Bot

Instagram has become one of the most popular phone apps worldwide, as well as transforming into a dominant social media platform after Facebook bought it out. Recent statistics show that registered and active users are still increasing, at an alarming rate. For most individuals, Instagram is nothing more than an application from which they use to share their photos, for their friends to see. For others, however, Instagram is either a part of their business, or it is their primary business.

There are two key components when trying to dominate Instagram: having good content, and having a lot of likes and followers. Most people can't help you with the first one, but the latter has produced many companies that are offering paid like and follow services, to boost the metrics of your profile. While these are usually cheap to buy, 99% of the time these likes and followers are fake profiles. What's the point in having fake likes and followers? They won't engage with your new posts which will make your profile look suspicious. Not only that, but the newer Instagram algorithms have made it so that if you don't have a good engagement rate, it'll stop others from seeing your future content.

Don't worry, though, it isn't all doom and gloom. Rather than spending money on purchasing fake likes and followers, spend it on a decent Instagram bot instead. These bots will allow you to like and follow your laser targeted audience with ease, which in turn will make them look at your profile, and hopefully follow you back.

Do I need an Instagram bot?
At first glance, you may feel that there's nothing that a bot can do, that you can't do. While this may be true to some extent, are you actually willing to perform actions 24/7 in order to increase your social media profile? Time is money, and your time is precious. For what may cost you at most, half an hours wage, you could have a bot that will perform the required actions that will enable your profile to be seen by your target audience.

Due to technological advances, most bots don't even need to be physically bought and installed. Instamacro allows you to run your bot on our systems as part of the price. This again saves you time and money, as you will not need to spend time installing anything, and you won't need to keep your computer on 24/7. As you're accessing it through a browser, it also means you can start, stop and tweak your settings using your mobile device at will.

What will this increased Instagram fame grant me?
It could be that you're not aware of how important and beneficial it is to have a strong, targeted following on your Instagram profile. It isn't as basic as just being a bragging metric.

Build trust
Becoming a brand that people trust and admire takes a lot of time. However, if people haven't heard of you and are looking at your profile and they see lots of engagement, as well as a high follower count, they're going to trust you and assume you're a legitimate business.

After this initial trust has been asserted, it then lets you have a bit more freedom with what you can post. In essence, it means you don't have to try as hard. Posting pictures of your business behind the scenes, or business day trips can be just as engaging as something that's considered viral material. Look at some big celebrity profiles, and see the sort of things that some of them post. It could be the most basic, and boring photo, but because they're trusted and followed, a simple breakfast photo can become viral. Use this same concept when producing content.

Increase in website traffic
Instagram isn't massively URL friendly, but people will, at some point, click on your bio link. It seems almost redundant to say that the more traffic you have visiting your profile, the more you're likely to receive on your website.

Another advantage to this is that for SEO purposes, and Google credibility, the increase in social signals from Instagram can improve your website's trust overall. This will result in you ranking better. However, this usually works best if you have a solid Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts too, though. As the saying goes, "another string to your bow.".

You'll gain a competitive advantage
Although Instagram is popular for individuals and celebrities, it is barely harnessed by small businesses. An American survey showed that only 2% of small businesses actually used Instagram. That means that the competition is really low, which will make it a lot easier for you to dominate in your niche. If at a later date it becomes more popular for businesses to set up an Instagram profile, you'll already be way ahead.

Reach your target audience
Assuming you've set up your bot's settings correctly, the majority of your following should be people who are interested in you, or your services and products. This helps to grow your account legitimately, without bot usage, as the more engagement you receive on your posts, the more likely your posts will be seen. You want to generate a snowball effect, and once you do, you need to keep pushing it with good content and hashtags.

Free advertising
Have you seen the price of sponsored posts for social media sites? They're incredibly expensive and are in favor for those who are selling them. Most users on Instagram don't even acknowledge the sponsored posts that show up on their feed. A better use of your money is to use a bot. The return on investment by using a bot over a sponsored post is so large that it isn't even worth the detailed comparison.

Is an Instagram bot the right choice for me?
It doesn't matter if you're a large corporation, small business, or hobbyist, an Instagram bot is useful for anyone who wants to dominate Instagram. If you do end up buying a bot, be sure to do your research, we on Instamacro offer 5-hours free trial before making any purchase decision.